My video assessment : Mario is coming to your smartphones

Here is my video about Nintendo wanting to expand some of their games for smartphones and tablets. This news was recent, I only read about it three weeks ago from The Guardian. So getting the idea for this assessment was not the hard part.

For information and inspiration I watched the controversial Nintendo documentary that BBC aired in 2004. It was part of three documentaries on some of the world’s best-known brands : Disney, Bacardi, and Nintendo. Outrageous Fortunes series investigated the personalities behind the three companies and the massive wealth they’ve accumulated. The Nintendo one focused on how Miyamoto created Nintendo’s most successful games, including The Legend of Zelda and the Mario Bros. The whole controversy around this film was about video games causing seizures in children being produced anyway. I thought this documentary was very professional and well-thought. Obviously, it was from BBC so poor quality would be surprising but I liked the fact that it wasn’t totally focused on the great aspects of Nintendo and their games.

My video work is about 4 minutes long, which can’t really be compared to this previous example. The main difficulty of this assignment was the format. I still can’t really tell if my video is a short documentary or a long news package. It is situated between the two categories. I used a short introduction video about Nintendo’s history from Retro Game Addict because I liked the effects and the quick rhythm. However, I can now see how this part seems a bit long even though the designs are entertaining. I also used two songs from the Mario games in the background, the first one being the original track and the second one being the race loser’s theme song.

My second error was obvious to me. Filming some interviews alone is not fun. You have to hold the camera in one hand, try to frame it and hold the microphone as well. This explains why some of my plans might be a bit shaky. I filmed three of my friends for these interviews which wasn’t simple either. I had a lot of editing to do after this.

I still think my video is interesting and entertaining compared to some news package you can see online. The music worked well with the rest, and my text effects were in tune with the main idea.

During this class I learned a lot. I didn’t really know how to frame a plan, and I didn’t know how to edit videos. I also learned the differences between news package, documentaries and multimedia packages. I particularly enjoyed the vox pops because I like interacting with people. I think I was more comfortable in radio class which might explain why at first I had difficulties with the presenting part and not sounding like I was on radio.

I hope you enjoy the video !


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